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Warning: process of paper acception is not finalized. It may exists a 24h delay from the moment when a paper is accepted by EasyChair system to the moment when the paper data are available to this registration system. If you have some problem during registration process, please contact us by regular e-mail -

Важно!Attention: the form uses embeded facilities (menus that uses partialy typed words to offer you possible options) that save your time and reduce posible errors. Using them is highly recommended!

Important note:
Важно!The person that fills this form has full responsability for data. Mind that discount request for some types of registration fees must be verified by docoments.

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** Only for institution in Serbia Only if the institution that pays registration fee is from Serbia



  • Please give reasons for discount (if any)
  • Please give file with the proof for discount as described at "Registration and Conference fees".
  • For collective ETRAN membership proof is not necessary, just a note




Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
University of Belgrade

University of Belgrade
School of Electical Engineering