FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT - Call for papers IcETRAN 2020:

Dear Authors,
Text of the "First call letter" you can download Here!here.

Categorization of papers according to the Regulation of procedure and methods of validation (MPNTR RS) :

Papers are categorized as M33 (IcETRAN) and M63 (ETRAN), while Invited Papers are categorized as M31 (IcETRAN) and M61 (ETRAN).

Key-Notes Papers are categorized as M32 (IcETRAN) and M62 (ETRAN) if authors decide to present the paper only using PPT presentation (Abstract will be printed as a part of the program. If authors decide to submit full paper, those papers are categorized as M31 (IcETRAN) and M61 (ETRAN).

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

University of Belgrade
School of Electical Engineering

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
University of Belgrade